Amateur Grooming Course
Duration : 8 sessions
The Amateur Grooming course is an entry level position prepping pets for the groomer. This will include nail clipping, ear hygiene, bathing, brushing, de-matting, blow drying, preparatory clipping and basic finishing techniques.
Certified Professional Grooming Course
Duration : 14 weeks (full-time) & 20 - 25 weeks (part-time)
Amateur grooming course will be introduced. In addition the student will be taught to perfect their grooming skills and concentrate on proper breed profile. In addition, the course places emphasis on emergency medicine, health and nutrition that is linked to a pet's healthy skin and coat. An in depth theory class will be taught which helps students gain the knowledge needed to keep client records. Students will also learn advanced scissoring techniques. In addition, they will also master all aspects of salon management.
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